ABOUT THIS webcomic

This is an original webcomic by Pepijn Schermer (on hold)

Genre: Cyberpunk, Horror, Dystopian. 

Disclaimer: This comic contains violence and strong language.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

That lasted until the 21th century. After that artificial intelligence surpassed humanity in it's analytical prowess. 

AI didn't need to be convinced that the Devil dind't exist. In their infinite calculations there was no room for the superstition that fueled the mere concept of the Devil.  If he was to endure he had to pull another trick. He had to convince the world that he, in fact, did exist.

Here the comic jumps off. This being a webcomic you can expect regular updates to the story in the ongoing section. Page updates are scheduled for tuesdays. 

Updates to the website itself are also forthcoming, as I also aim to expand on the interactivity and content of this website in a later stage. 

The story, however is the main focus so I recommend you to start at chapter 0. Enjoy!




I have to put No Fuel For The Soul on hold for the time being.

My life has taken some twists and turns lately, and as much as I thorougly enjoyed making and maintaining this comic and website, there are just too many balls in my personal life and career I have to juggle right now. 

Producing, writing, drawing, promoting and managing the website is a lot of work for a one-man-job, and having to stretch my attention in all these directions leads little for my other endeavours.    

The story has reached two fully finished chapters, and the third one is unfinished, but still worth taking a look at. 

Hopefully, there will be an opportunity for me to pick this up in one form or another, but for now I'll have to wrap it up.